Success story

Steed & Co. Lavender

Finding a home for a show horse has led to one of the area’s most popular tourist destinations. Steed & Company Lavender was created when Suzanne Steed was looking for a farm for her show horse and came upon a property outside the historical village of Sparta.
The lavender farm is part of a 45 acre horse farm nestled at the edge of the spectacular Carolinian forest and is designated as an Area of Natural Special Interest (ANSI) by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Steed & Company Lavender grows several varieties of English lavender landscaped into beautiful gardens integrated into the natural beauty of the rural setting.
Suzanne is committed to protecting the natural heritage of the property and does so by practising ecologically sensitive growing methods including no pesticides.
You are invited to stroll through the lavender flowers and visit the gift shop which offers exquisite handcrafted lavender products including toiletries, home essentials and a full range of culinary lavender products. Suzanne started with more obvious recipes for her culinary line, but has experimented widely to include organic lavender ice cream, lavender chocolate and lavender coffee.
Local, natural and, where possible, organic ingredients are used in a range of jams, marmalades, dressings, mustards, spreads and teas.

47589 Sparta Line
Sparta, ON N5H 2R4