One of the largest industry sectors in Canada is agri-food, which makes up 8.1% of the national GDP, and one in eight jobs.

Historically agricultural, Elgin County is ideally suited to agribusiness due to its fertile soil base and plentiful growing season. There are currently over 130,000 hectares being utilized in full agricultural production in the County, managed by 1,489 farms.

Elgin County’s economy is largely driven by agriculture and agribusiness:

  • Providing 19.7% of the County's jobs
  • Producing $558 million in sales annually from farms and businesses that purchase from, or sell to, farms
  • For every dollar in farm gate sales, an additional $1.13 is generated for agribusiness.

Agriculture and agribusiness in Ontario are being transformed by technology and consumer demand, contributing to the growth of processed food and consumer-oriented food products. Elgin County is adapting to these changes by actively promoting and attracting agribusiness operations.

Elgin County's location and competitive labour and business costs make it the ideal locale for smaller farms and companies to compete with larger operations for the growing consumer demand for innovative and higher-quality products.

Elgin County's local agribusiness companies and farms are on the progressive forefront of new technologies being developed and used for food processing, alternative fuel generation, greenhouse production, organic farming and aquaculture.


Fruit and Vegetable Growers

Tomatoes and BeansElgin County's moderate climate and growing season make it the perfect location for growing a variety of fresh produce. Learn More...


man in greenhouse Elgin County there are over 100,000 sq. meters of greenhouse in operations in  from greenhouses to nursery and floriculture. Learn More.