2023 Update:

Thank you for your interest in Elgincentives!

The fall application period for our program is now closed.



A Community Improvement Plan (CIP) is a tool that allows municipalities to direct funds and implement policy initiatives toward specifically defined project areas. The Elgin County Economic Development office has prepared this CIP in order to achieve important community goals such as:

  • Facilitating and coordinating the improvement of neighbourhoods and designated areas;
  • Stimulating economic growth and development;  
  • Assisting businesses and property owners with repairs, restorations and redevelopment projects; and,
  • Raising awareness of local needs and priorities.

Having a CIP in place allows the municipality to assist financially with improvements to private properties. 

​To view the full CIP please click here. 

Through the Elgincentives CIP, Elgin County will provide leadership in community improvement planning by offering incentives to eligible owners and tenants of lands and buildings in key sectors and areas of economic activity, County-wide.

The goals of the Elgincentives CIP are:

A. To stimulate economic growth and diversification.
B. To enhance the quality of place for residents and visitors.
C. To improve the stability and sustainability of the tax base. 

Elgin County has developed the following set of financial incentives programs, which will be provided by the County via the Elgincentives CIP, in order to stimulate private sector investment in land and buildings.


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Tax Increment Equivalent Grant for Major Projects and Brownfield Development is intended to stimulate investment by effectively deferring part of the increase in property taxation as a result of the major development, redevelopment, reconstruction, or rehabilitation of lands or buildings. 


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Façade, Signage, and Property Improvement Grant, which is intended to assist with improvements to a building’s façade or signage, or other improvements to private property (i.e., parking and landscaping).


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Building Improvement/Restoration Grant, which is intended to assist with maintenance and physical improvement of existing buildings.


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Building Conversion/Expansion Grant, which is intended to assist in the small-scale conversion of existing vacant space into new commercial, mixed-use and other eligible uses.




Energy Efficiency Retrofit Grant, which is intended to assist with retrofits that improve the overall energy efficiency of a building.



Outdoor Art Grant, which is intended to assist with the permanent installation of outdoor artwork/sculptures.


Feasibility/Design Study Grant, which is intended to assist with the completion of studies and plans that will investigate the potential of or support a new business or development project.



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Multiple Property Owners Supplemental Grant, which provides a bonus grant where multiple owners or tenants implement a coordinated approach to projects.


Savour Elgin Grant provides a bonus grant where the establishment of a new eligible use that will also meet the criteria of the 'Savour Elgin' program.

To view complete details of the incentives click here.

There are a number of key areas of local economic activity where the need for improvement is the greatest and where investment will result in significant economic development benefits. These include:

  • Downtowns and main street areas
  • Agricultural areas
  • The ports and lakeshore areas
  • Other key tourist and private outdoor recreational areas
  • Employment areas


Summary Table of Eligible Uses and Properties

Summary Table of Eligible Properties and Uses

Municipal CIPs

Town of Aylmer
Municipality of Bayham
Township of Malahide
Municipality of Central Elgin
Township of Southwold
Municipality of Dutton/Dunwich
Municipality of West Elgin 

2023 Elgincentives CIP Financial Incentives Application Package 

Please see the chart below to review a process summary for the review, approval and payment of incentives offered through the Elgincentives CIP.Elgincentives application process chart.

The application submission period is now closed.

If the request for grants at any given meeting exceeds the amount of funds available, points awarded by the committee from an evaluation based on the applications will be used to determine how much money will be granted to an applicant.

All applicants must schedule a pre-consultation meeting prior to applying. Please contact economicdevelopment@elgin.ca or call (519) 631-1460 x133 to set up your pre-consultation meeting.