Elgin County is situated in southern Ontario, along the northern shore of Lake Erie, in close proximity to both the Greater Toronto Area and the Detroit-Windsor markets. A diverse industrial base currently sustains over 1575 Ontario businesses representing all business sectors including agribusiness, greenhouse, creative services, energy, biofuels, solar, manufacturing, local food, as well as tourism. Elgin County also offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs. This progressive County is comprised of seven vibrant and growing municipalities that offer a full range of services from education to recreation and health support systems.



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Top 5 Reasons

Elgin County is ideally located near large urban markets, enjoys one of Canada’s longest growing seasons, offers affordable housing prices for residents, provides convenient connections to all major forms of transportation and boasts competitive labour and business costs. Read more...

Location & Transportation

Elgin County is ideally situated in the heart of southwestern Ontario with immediate access to a market of over 439,000 people, including the cities of St. Thomas and London. Read more...

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Elgin County residents are well educated, and the median household income is over $81,000 for families with children. More statistical information for Elgin County is available in this section. Read more...