Township of Malahide

The Township of Malahide is known for its rich agricultural industry, and is home to the Ontario Police College. A former R.C.A.F. training base, this area is also the location of a popular migratory bird viewing area managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources.

The Township has completed a five-year review of its Official Plan and has submitted to the Province for approval. The Plan will enable the Township to achieve its long term social, cultural, economic and environmental goals by focussing on smart sustainable growth and respecting the community’s agricultural roots.

The Township has also undertaken the completion of an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan and Master Parks and Recreation Plan to complement the Official Plan; all of these are scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2013.

From industry to recreation, farming to history, the Township of Malahide has much to offer and continues to seek out new business and agri-business opportunities.

Township of Malahide is one of three municipalities participating in the Erie Shores Wind Farm.

Township of Malahide Demographic