Support Elgin

Elgin County is home to many resilient businesses and services who need our help to get them through these unprecedented times. Let's encourage them by supporting local not only now, during these difficult times, but in the future as well.


If you are or know of a business that is not listed below, please fill out our form by clicking here and we will add as soon as possible.

*Please note that we try to update this list to reflect the rapidly changing world we find ourselves in. Feel free to contact us if we have missed a change at


We have categorized the businesses into each Municipality (from West to East). 

West Elgin

Businesses that are open in West Elgin (Rodney, Port Glasgow, West Lorne & Eagle). Click here for the full list


Businesses that are open in Southwold (Fingal, Shedden & Talbotville). Click here for the full list


Businesses that are open in Aylmer. Click here for the full list

Dutton Dunwich

Businesses open in Dutton Dunwich (Dutton & Wallacetown). Click here for the full list.

Central Elgin

Businesses that are open in Central Elgin (Port Stanley, Sparta, Lynhurst & Belmont). Click here for the full list


Businesses that are open in Malahide (Port Bruce). Click here for the full list


Businesses that are open in Bayham (Eden, Vienna, Straffordville and Port Burwell). Click here for the full list