Blog articles for June 2016

The New New Age store interior
Stephen Hotchkiss, owner of The New New Age, spent his youth in Elgin County but it was when he was living in Los Angeles that he met his wife and business partner Katie.
Wall Brothers
Mike Wall wasn’t always in the home building business, in fact, when the idea was suggested to him several times, he laughed it off. It is now 10 years into his career as a home builder and he has never looked back.
View from Hawk Cliff

A local conservation organization, the Thames Talbot Land Trust (TTLT), has big plans for the future of Port Stanley birding attraction Hawk Cliff.

Man with thought bubble

The positive effects of creativity on the brain are well documented. Art, music, dance, writing, and creative endeavours of all types are shown to enhance cognitive ability, relieve stress, and promote self-esteem among many other benefits.