Four Local Events Receive Elgin County Funding

Festival and Event Partnership Program Funding Recipients

CENTRAL ELGIN – Elgin County Economic Development is pleased to announce that the Festival and Event Partnership Program grant recipients for 2016 have been chosen.

Elgin County has granted a total of $6,000 to local events including Port Stanley Harbour Fest, the Strawberry Fields Kite Festival, the Off the Wall Off the Vine Art Show, and Cactus, Cattle and Cowboys.  

“Festivals and events make our community come alive,” said Tourism Services Coordinator Lindsey Duncan. “We are pleased to support events that enhance the quality of life in our County and attract visitors to the area each year.”

Applicants selected best met the program criteria, which included, but was not limited to attracting visitors to the County; retaining local spending; and enhancing the quality of place by organizing festivals and events within the community.

This is the seventh year that the County of Elgin has encouraged festivals and events by providing contributions to community organizations that take it upon themselves to organize these events. 

Elgin County encourages all local festivals and events in the area and hopes to provide the Festival and Event Partnership Program again in 2017.

For more information on all festivals and events in Elgin this summer visit:  

Photo (from left to right): Marcia Pensa, Sharron Russell, Kim Yuhasz, Penny Crichton - Off the Wall, Off the Vine Art Show; Will Faughnan - Harbour Fest; Theresa Vandevenne - Cactus, Cattle and Cowboys; Alan Smith - Elgin County Economic Development; Eric Curtis - Strawberry Fields Kite Festival.