Blog articles for 2017

This Holiday Season #ShopElgin

This Holiday Season avoid long lines and crowded parking lots by doing your shopping in the idyllic towns and villages of Elgin County. Shopping locally will save you time and give you the opportunity to purchase original, hand-crafted products while supporting small business.

There’s something magical about pumpkins, and it isn’t just Cinderella that thinks so. Each year this humble squash is brought in from the fields to take its place of honour on our porches and in our stomachs.

Common Ground Farm Owner Chris Devries
Have you ever been disappointed with the quality of produce available on supermarket shelves during winter months? Vegetables grown elsewhere and shipped long distances to Canada lose their freshness and lack flavour when compared with their locally grown counterparts.
Children on playground with I Love Southwold Sign

Valerie Cron is a frim believer that a series of small actions has the potential to add up to something much bigger. It was because of this belief that in 2015, Valerie found herself the Chair of the Southwold Township Communities in Bloom Committee.


No “kidding” around, the newest phenomenon gaining momentum in Elgin County is Goat Yoga. Every Wednesday evening Full Circle Ranch hosts a Yoga class where participants are able to interact with these adorable, friendly little barnyard animals.

Curtis VanKasteren with 3D printer

Curtis van Kasteren has always had a natural curiosity about how the world around him works. From a young age he was fascinated with the inner workings of everyday items and would take them apart to fix them or use their parts to build other, better things.

Basket of Bread

If you've ever fantasized about running off to the french countryside to pursue your true passions, Seth Wiggin’s story is one you might be interested in. Seth spent his childhood in Port Stanley but left the area to pursue his education and subsequently his career in civil engineering.


The term “Artisan Chocolate” usually brings to mind delicacies crafted in boutiques located along cobble stone roads in Belgium or deep in the heart of the Swiss Alps; but, there is no need to travel thousands of kilometres to experience quality handcrafted treats now that Century Chocolates is b

IGPC Ethanol

IGPC Ethanol Inc. is expected to break ground this April on an expansion that once completed will allow it to double the ethanol production at its facility.

Talbotville Berry Farm

On October 31, 2016 the current Talbotville Berry Farm produce stand, in operation since 1969, will close its doors for the last time. On November 25 a new market with a new vision will open in its place.