Quai du Vin Launches Exclusive Wine Club

Jamie & Kim Quai with their grapes

Jamie and Kim Quai of Quai du Vin Estates Winery want to offer customers, old and new, with an exclusive experience. When their father Roberto Quai decided to take a step back from managing the family-owned winery, this sparked the duo to embark on a new and delectable journey! With wine, food, shopping, and community at the forefront of the winery’s future, Quai du Vin launched a Wine Club to showcase their wine to wine-lovers, near and far, with products that are exclusive to being a member.

After being asked numerous times by loyal customers if they would consider a wine club, and with the growing popularity of subscription boxes, Quai du Vin officially launched its wine club in February 2019. These shipments, called Q-ubes, are sent to members on a seasonal basis. These Q-ubes feature two unique bottles of Quai du Vin wines. With the first bottle being a well-aged vintage that is no longer available on the shelf or a bottle that has been handcrafted especially for wine club members, Quai du Vin leaves customers eager to receive their box. The second bottle of wine is hand-picked by the winemaker, to pair with an upcoming holiday or season.

Q-ubes also contain tasting notes from Quai du Vin’s winemaker, Jamie Quai. “The winemakers’ notes are an extension of the back label description. Details on production, insights into the growing season, and suggestions on how to make the most of the special wine in their Q-ube” noted Jamie Quai. In addition to the tasting notes, suggestions on delectable food pairing, and recipes from local chefs are also included to further insinuate Quai du Vin’s commitment to their community.

Community is an important cornerstone to Quai du Vin. When Q-ubes are ready, Wine Club members are encouraged to attend a Pick-Up Party at the winery. These parties bring wine lovers together to chat with other like-minded individuals, and of course encourage members to enjoy Quai du Vin wines. These parties also allow wine club members to taste a piece of Elgin County, with local food pairings served.  For individuals that are unable to join in on the party, Q-ubes are mailed directly to their front door to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. Memberships are available through a one-time Gift Subscription for 3 months, including one Q-ube; a 6-month subscription, including 2 Q-ubes; or, a 12-month subscription, including 4 Q-ubes.

The exclusivity of the membership continues for members, as they are able to attend special events that are only offered to them. Wine Club members receive a membership card which entitles them to discounts in the store. With a limited quantity of Q-ubes available, don’t miss out on being a part of the exclusive Wine Club.

Jamie and Kim are excited about what 2019 will bring for Quai du Vin Estate Winery.  The winery is in for another busy year ahead with the Summer Sounds Delicious concerts, Winemaker’s Dinners, weddings and the growth of their Wine Club!  For more information about Quai du Vin Estate Winery or their Wine Club visit their website or follow them on Facebook.