The Pepper Tree Spice Company - Adding a Little Spice to Elgin County

Spices on a shelf

Pepper Tree Spice Co. is the creative child of London entrepreneur Deb Mackey who after years of hunting for good quality spices, wanted to share a passion for high-quality and truly fresh spices, herbs, and seasonings with the growing culinary and organic community in Southwestern Ontario. Combining a love of cooking, spices and endless creativity, she launched her company under the name Hyde Park Spice Co. with a small grouping of organic spices and 15 artisan organic spice blends. 

Within months, she had developed an on-line presence shipping across Canada and the United States expanding further to open a commercial division in 2011.  With an overwhelming response from the community and as her business continued to grow, it became evident that another location was necessary. In 2012, the company was rebranded Pepper Tree Spice Company and she opened her location on Colborne Street in Port Stanley.  

Today, with over 250 organic spices and 90 proprietary blends, The Pepper Tree Spice Company is Canada’s only organic spicer. Debbie takes great care in the selection of spices she offers for sale. Sourced from all over the world these 250 different spice varieties are the highest quality and are completely organic. With absolutely no additives these spices are naturally 100 percent gluten free. All 90 of Pepper Tree’s signature spice blends are made daily on-site at the Port Stanley location. 

Customers flock to the store to experience the exotic aromas and flavours that add a dash of excitement to their culinary endeavours. Hyde Park Steak Spice, Garlic Mashed Blend, Moroccan Spice Blends, Sensational 16, and various Curry Blends are a few customer favourites. Also particularly popular are the Bridge Street BBQ Rub and the Famous Portly Fish Rub - both developed and named in honour of the village of Port Stanley. 

The store also offers a wide variety of salts including the popular Lavender Rosemary Salt Blend, a huge range of different peppers, a growing collection of Chile Pepper offerings, and a wide variety of rare and difficult to find spices. A gourmet food section features dip mixes, olive oils, chutneys, preserved lemons, balsamics, gluten free pastas, local breads, cheeses, and unique and beautiful cookware - all of which are sure to impress at your next dinner party. 

The Pepper Tree Spice Company offers exquisitely gift-wrapped spice collections starting at $25. Choose from pre-selected collections or decide what spices to include yourself. These collections are the perfect gift for a friend or loved one this holiday season. 

Debbie and her staff take great pride in making The Pepper Tree Spice Company a true foodie destination. She has created an experience for all the senses when walking through her doors. Questions and consultations are encouraged. Staff spend a great deal of time with each customer allowing them to smell and sample different spices, inquiring about their needs, and offering suggestions and advice.  

Part of this culinary experience is teaching customers the ways in which they can incorporate the spices they purchase into meals and special dishes. The Pepper Tree Spice Company offers spice seminars as well as very popular intimate, interactive cooking classes on-location throughout the year. Small groups ensure that each participant has the opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the chef/instructor and a large share of the delicious meal that is prepared. 

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