Geraniums, Ceramics & Antiques, OH MY!

Just like the town of Rodney, Jeraneiums Ceramics and Gifts possesses an eclectic charm, that welcomes tourists and residents alike, back time and time again. When owner Jane Perry experienced a tumultuous time in her life, ceramics became the place she could turn to, to help soothe her soul. Jane needed something different in her life, something that would take the focus off of this stressful time in her life.

On one of Jane’s many trips down to her trailer in Port Glasgow, she realized that Rodney was a place with growing potential. After the closure of the Ford dealership, Rodney’s downtown was walloped when it saw many vacant buildings begin to appear. A few years later, Jane decided it was time to venture her ceramics business from her home in Appin into a downtown storefront in Rodney; this became a much-needed change not only for herself but for Rodney as well.

The former downtown flower shop was once again filled with the charisma that can only come from the scent of the delicate petals of peonies, sunflowers, and geraniums; or Jeraneiums, as Jane likes refers to them. The appellation “Jeraneiums” Ceramics and Gifts, came about as a play on geraniums and her name, Jane.

Jane’s creativity doesn’t stop at floral arrangements and puns; her true passion comes to life when she molds pourable clay into works of art for others to admire. Jane has hundreds of molds on hand, each ready to filled, fired, painted, and of course, doused with love. From cats to dogs, wolves to eagles, and even nautical lighthouses, Jane finds herself forming a variety of ceramics to meet the vast needs of her customers. Jane notes that her most popular item always remains the iconic ceramic Christmas tree, which brings nostalgic memories back to many homes throughout the world.

For those individuals looking to purchase one-of-a-kind treasures, Jeraneiums Ceramics and Gifts also has an extensive collection of antiques and giftware. Jane’s business is one of many included in the Antiques Treasure Trail throughout Western Elgin County and Chatham-Kent along the Talbot Trail.

Jane loves to share her passion for ceramics with others; customers can now walk-in and choice an unfinished piece to paint or sign-up for a workshop to decorate their own work of art. Jane's desire to open up classes came about when she realized that others also need an environment to spark their creativity and shut out the world, if only for a few hours.

Classes are held for those of all ages and can host up to 12 people at a time. Jane will also come to your venue to hold a workshop for a birthday party, or even a team-building exercise. Open 11 am - 6 pm in the summer, and 9 am - 6 pm the remainder of the year, stop in to pick up a treasure for yourself, or follow Jeraneiums on Facebook to see what’s new.