The Chique Shack Boutique – A Stylist at Your Finger Tips

Tiffany Richter at the Chique Shack Boutique

Style is in Tiffany Richter’s blood. Childhood summers spent working at her grandmother’s clothing store in Southampton cemented her love of fashion and led her to pursue a diploma in Fashion Merchandising from Fanshawe College. After graduation Tiffany went to work for a major Canadian Fashion retailer and her natural aptitude helped her to quickly rise through the ranks. She spent eight years with the organization and was responsible for opening up new store locations across the country. 

Tiffany knew that she eventually wanted to be her own boss and to put her talents for fashion and styling into her own platform. She began to scout locations to open her own boutique. As part of her previous role in the fashion industry she was responsible for understanding the economy and forecasting how communities will grow over time. She wanted to find a location that would make running a small, one-of-a-kind clothing boutique viable. 

Tiffany’s grandmother had since retired and moved to Port Stanley where she had opened up another clothing store called “Tiffany’s” in honour of her beloved granddaughter. Tiffany was familiar with the small portside village from visiting her grandmother and was able to see the potential for growth in the community. March 2017 will mark the eighth year that Tiffany’s own boutique The Chique Shack has been operating in downtown Port Stanley providing loyal customers with high quality clothing and exceptional service.

The store began by selling quality resale items hand selected by Tiffany herself. Now a mix of new and resale items, she maintains her commitment to offering garments and accessories that she has selected based on their uniqueness and high quality construction.  As a busy wife, mother and business owner Tiffany strongly believes that clothing should not only look great but also be functional. She wears what she sells and embraces the philosophy that you can look great and be comfortable at the same time. 

Tiffany strives to make a visit to The Chique Shack Boutique a unique and pleasant experience for her customers. From the store’s layout and presentation of merchandise to personalized customer service, she wants to make her location a departure from the standard shopping experience. Most women go into a mall and find that everything is too small and too tight. Standard clothing store marketing is designed to sell to a smaller, younger demographic which according to Tiffany doesn’t reflect the reality of the population. 

“Price point and wearability are key considerations when selecting merchandise for my store,” says Tiffany. “In a world of "high end", high priced boutiques I offer a successful range of affordable fashion for all ages and sizes.”

A visit to The Chique Shack is like having a stylist at your finger tips – completely free of charge! Tiffany uses her expertise to interact one-on-one with her customers helping them to select the items that best suit them. 

"Because I am a confident dresser myself, based on understanding my own body type and how to best flatter my shape, I see that instantly for my customers when I'm styling them,” says Tiffany. “That's what makes the whole Chique Shack experience different. I have an eye to flatter the body and a sense of style that is for a modern woman who wants the ease and comfort of looking fabulous everyday!”

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