Clovermead Celebrates the Majestic Pumpkin

There’s something magical about pumpkins, and it isn’t just Cinderella that thinks so. Each year this humble squash is brought in from the fields to take its place of honour on our porches and in our stomachs. Smooth or lumpy, big or small, vibrant orange or snow white, pumpkins come in a range of shapes, sizes, and varieties - all of which are deserving of celebration.  Celebrating pumpkins is exactly what Clovermead Adventure Farm does each Saturday from mid-September until the end of October with its annual Pumpkin Festival. 
The event started small 9 years ago with just the Hiemstras and their kids participating but every year it has grown more orange and more elaborate, giving families the excuse to get outside and enjoy the fall season. The event has become so successful that the farm, famous for its bees and honey, now sees more visitors during the festival than any other time of the year. 

“We have a bee-autiful farm in the summer and in the fall so wanting people to enjoy it with us is just natural,” says owner Chris Hiemstra. 

During the festival Clovermead, dressed in all its fall finery, plays host to a variety of enchanting fall activities that are sure to delight! Visitors can pick their own pumpkin directly from the field, navigate the twists and turns of a corn maze, make new animal friends, enjoy a wagon ride, and take in the thrills of the zip-line, the jumping pillow or the pedal go-carts. New this year is the Pumpkin Slide N Drop Show where a pumpkin is sent rolling down the back of the barn roof and up a ramp, finally splashing into a bin of water.
Not to be missed is the Pumpkin Cannon Show. Clovermead is home to three pumpkin cannons of various sizes, a pumpkin catapult, and a trebuchet. The show is held several times each Saturday and  afterwards kids can get in on the action themselves by shooting three walnuts out of a little walnut cannon and three walnuts with a super-sized walnut sling shot.
Clovermead also invites families to come on a week day to enjoy the fall scenery, pumpkin displays, and regular farm attractions without the hustle and bustle of the weekend traffic. Friendly Scarecrows sprinkled around the property as part of the decorations also provide the perfect backdrop for fall family photos. 

Take the time this year to make Clovermead Pumpkin Festival part of your family tradition and create memories that will last a lifetime.