Blog articles for 2019

The Tait Family

In today's day in age, the vast majority of people do not have the opportunity to experience the lifestyle that many Ontario farmers do each day.

Backus-Page House Museum

Mary Storey, the original landowner of where the Backus Page House now stands, would have no idea of the legacy she would leave behind one day.

Horse Riding

Dutton Dunwich may not be the “Wild West,” but this Western Municipality is home to a thriving western-style horse farm, the Horseshoe J Dude Ranch.

Dogs playing at Pawz N Clawz

For many families, a pet is like another member of the family. At Pawz N Clawz Boarding, owner Trish Wilcox provides a nurturing space for your four-legged companion to feel right at home. 

Charter guests with their catch of the day

After an unusually low fish population in Lake Erie, the past couple summers have brought copious amounts of walleye and rainbow trout back to the waters of Lake Erie.

Stephanie & Andrew

The saying “what’s old is new again” couldn’t be more accurate for the small-town Rodney business, Canada Catalyst.

When one thinks of barbecue, one’s thoughts may go to Texas or other mouth-watering barbecue joints in the southern region of the United States. Fortunately, local boy, Chef Terrance Tew has become a pitmaster himself by opening his business, The Tipsy Pig, in his hometown of West Lorne.

Just like the town of Rodney, Jeraneiums Ceramics and Gifts possesses an eclectic charm, that welcomes tourists and residents alike, back time and time again.

At Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm, the serene rural environment provides the perfect setting for families to put their screens down, and reconnect in a natural environment.

Erin and her Children

For Erin Oud, life is about finding a balance. Erin balances her everyday job as a group leader at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing plant in Woodstock, with being the owner of the Aimless Wanderer, a gift shop in Port Burwell, Ontario.